- Traditional Pond Yachts & Model Sailing Boats -

Hand crafted in Devon, United Kingdom


Haycroft Pond Yachts is my hobby, bringing together my interests in boats and woodworking.

I build each yacht entirely from scratch, in our Garden shed using simple hand tools. I find great fulfilment in building a model yacht and seeing her sail for the first time. Each yacht is built to my own designs, which continue to evolve over time as my skills and knowledge improve.

I’m delighted to have built yachts that now sail in various parts of the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA!

If you have any questions and would like to get in touch, please feel free to do so.

Thanks for your interest! - Matt.

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Rough shaping a hull from Pine, using a restored vintage Preston No.10 Hand Plane. I found this plane by chance, buried in one of the farm sheds!

It’s over 80 years old now. Lucky find!

Hull Shaping Preston No.10 Hand Plane

Featured in Model Boats Magazine Oct. 2018 - Many thanks to Ian Holloway for the article!

Haycroft Yachts HQ

Our humble 8’x 10’ garden shed houses a modest collection of hand tools, all raw materials and the band saw!

All carving, hollowing, shaping and sanding is done here.

Bread and butter model yacht hull construction.

Hollowing out a 36’’ bread and butter hull, using a spoon carving knife.

It’s a satisfying process.

‘Bread and butter’ construction is where the hull is glued up in layers, or ‘lifts’. This produces the approximate shape of the hull before fine tuning with carving tools.

Bread and butter model yacht hull construction.

Carving the outside profile of a bread and butter constructed hull.

You can see the ‘lifts’, which are glued together.

Model yacht spar making.

Spar making.

The mast and spars are made of a supple hardwood.

The ends are bound to avoid splitting, and also add a nice detail.