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Hand crafted in Devon, United Kingdom

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My interest in Pond Yachts was sparked sometime in 2015 when I stumbled upon my first ‘Star’ yacht. I became fascinated by the history of the Star company and how popular pond yachting had been. I have always enjoyed model-making and woodworking, and soon began tinkering with my own yacht designs and enjoyed learning how to sail them.

Haycroft Pond Yachts is my hobby. I find great fulfilment in building a model yacht and seeing it sail for the first time. I build each yacht entirely from scratch, in our Garden shed using simple hand tools and my own imagination. Because of this, each yacht is different from the next and has its own charm. I don’t build from existing plans but have come up with my own designs, that continue to evolve over time as my skills and knowledge improve.

Please have a browse through the website to see pond yachts I have built to date, and the current yachts that are available for sale. I’m delighted to have built yachts that now sail in various parts of the UK, Europe and the USA!

If you have any questions and would like to get in touch, please feel free to do so.

Thanks for your interest! - Matt.

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Hull Shaping

Rough shaping a hull from Pine, using my restored vintage Preston No.10 Hand Plane. I found this plane by pure chance, buried in a farm shed! I believed it to be over 80 years old.

Preston No.10 Hand Plane

Hand carving a pine ‘bread and butter’ hull.

Pond Yacht Bowsprit

Brass bowsprit fitting.

Haycroft Pond Yachts Deck Logo

Logo detail on a Walnut and Lime deck.

Pond yacht HQ

Featured in Model Boats Magazine Oct. 2018 - Many thanks to Ian Holloway for the article!